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Membership Qualifications

  1. Any person or firm having legal identity, as an individual or as a firm (Partnership or Corporate, Co-op erative Society, or a HUF (Hindu United Family), actually carrying on the business of the picture making or engaged in film production as clarified here in after, can become a member, if the Executive Committee is fully satisfied, that the person is really engaged in film production or has produced a picture or desires to produce a film for which he/she is making preparations or have produced a Tele-serial, Tele-film or Video-film or is engaged or making preparation to make a Tele- Serial, Tele-film or Video-film or have taken dubbing rights of any film or wants to produce the dubbed version of it. And for those who intend to start the said project, he/she as a proof, shall produce a Bank Certificate of having a Current Account in the name of the Banner, under which he/she wants to produce the Feature film, Tele-serial, Video-film or Tele-film, or dubbed version of film. And for those whose project is under production may produce a lab letter or any other documentary proof to this effect. And for those, who have completed a film, shall produce the Censor Certificate, to prove their bonafideness.
  2. There will be following classes of members:a)Founder Members: All those who have signed on the Memorandum and Articles of Association come under this class. The founder member shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of Ordinary Members, even if he/she has not completed a film.b)Ordinary Members: All those who have solely or jointly produced or co-produced a film on any banner’s name, even other than registered in this Association, and also who have solely or jointly produced or co-produced a duly censored Tele-film, Video-film or T.V. Serial, on any banner’s name, even other than registered in this Asso ciation shall be admit ted and taken as Ordinary Members. They shall enjoy all the privileges of the Association and shall be eligible to be elected to the Executive Committee as per rules.c)Associate Members: All those who have not, yet completed a Feature film, Tele-film, Video-film or T.V. Serial or their film, Tele-film, Video-film, or T.V. Serial is at planning stage or have completed a dubbed version of any film by acquiring the dubbing rights, shall be admitted as Associate Members. On the completion of Feature film, Tele-film, Video-film and T.V. Serial and on
    request, with documentary proof, they shall automatically get he status or Ordinary Members. And they shall enjoy all the privileges of the Association and shall eligible to be elected to the Executive Committee as per rules.d)Life Members: Any member who wants to become life member shall have to pay Rs.5000/- (Rupees five thousand only) in one instalment. In case he/she has completed a films, he/she shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of Ordinary Members. Otherwise he/she shall enjoy the rights and privileges of Associate Members. But such members shall enjoy a special right to be a delegate, in India or abroad, subject to rules and condi tions of the film festival, he/she wants to participate, and on his/her own expenses.NOTE:
    After going through the relevant documentary proof, the Executive Committee shall decide, about the classes
    of membership i.e. Ordinary or Associate members and the decision of the Executive Committee shall be final and binding on the members.
  3. Any person who shall for any reason, ceases to be a member, shall nevertheless, be liable to pay to the As sociation all the monies which at the time of the cessation of his membership, may be due from him to the Association. Title or the name of the firm once registered shall not be changed for any reason. Any new name of firm or title will be treated as new entity.
  4. Disciplinary Action:
    IF at any time any member is guilty of conduct, detrimental to the interest and goodwill of the Association or has rushed to court or any Government authority or semi-government authority or any organization without first addressing, his/her grievances to the Association or without exploiting all the avenues to redress his/ her grievances on all forums available on Association’s level or have planned or planning to form a parallel body to the Association, such member shall be liable to be suspended or expelled for some specific time to be decided by a majority of three fourth of members present at a meeting specially convened and called for this purpose, at which not less than three fourth of the effective members on the day of meeting shall be present, provided that due notice thereof, clearly specifying the charges, is given to the member concerned, giving him reasonable opportunity for explanation by him/her in his/her defence at the meetings called for the purpose. By exploiting all the avenues means: the member including the suspended or expelled one, who has any griev ances, shall first address it to the Executive Committee, and if he/she is not satisfied, he/she may ask or seek of an appointment of a Committee, not more than five members from the General members, of the Association other than the Executive Committee members for redressing his/her grievances and in case he/she again finds himself/ herself cornered and feels for an arbitration by a person or persons to be appointed by mutual consent, and even after this he/she feels that justice is not done to him/her, he/she may prefer to appeal to an Extra Ordinary General Body, may be called for this purpose, provided he/she pays such fee or cost of notices for calling such an Extra Ordi nary general Body Meeting and also the expenses to be incurred on and during the convening and calling of such Extra Ordinary General Body Meeting. The venue, date and time of such meeting shall be decided by the Executive Committee and shall convene, such meeting for this purpose Within fifteen days from his/her request for calling such Extra Ordinary General Body Meeting alongwith the payment of the amount, to meet the expenses as mentioned here in above, and in case the plea of the aggrieved member, is accepted by such General Body in part/full the Association shall bear the entire expenses of the said meeting and shall return back to the member the full amount received from him/her on this account. All such appeals shall be done by the member within twenty one days of the communication of the decision of respective committee or arbitrators, failing which, no appeal shall be heard, and in such case the decision conveyed by the committee or arbitrators shall be heard, and in such case the decision convened by the committee or arbitrators shall be binding on both, the member and the Association. And if such General Body turns down the members plea, he/she may take step as per law of the land.
    Suspension means: the member shall cease to enjoy the rights and privileges that usually members enjoy, for a period upto one year.
    Expulsion means: that the members name shall be struck out from the rolls of the membership and shall cease to be a member of the Association for a period of atleast of six years and on the expiry of this period he/she shall have to re-apply for a new membership of the Association.
  5. A.G.M and its Business:
    THE Annual General Body Meeting shall receive and consider the audited accounts financial year and reports of the committees and the auditor in respect thereof and shall also be competent to transact any other business brought by the Committee of which due notice has been given.
    THE quorum for a General Body Meeting shall be two fifth of the eligible members of the Association, personally present in the General Body Meeting. No business shall be transacted in any General Body Meeting unless there is requisite quorum. In case the requisite quorum is not present even within half an hour from the time as specified for all the meetings such as, Annual General Body Meeting, Extra Ordinary General Body Meeting, Requisitioned General Body Meeting and Special Extra Ordinary General Body Meeting except the Special Extra Ordinary General Body Meeting called for Constitutional Amendments as per Rule No.53, the same shall stand adjourned for another half an hour on the same day, and the members present at that time shall constitute the quorum, and business for which the meeting was called, shall be transacted.
    The Management of the Association shall be vested to the Executive Committee, consisting of 12 to 18 members. Out of which 8 (eight) to 12 (twelve) shall be from the Ordinary Members and 4 (four) to 6 (six) shall be from Associate Members. The strength of the committee could be raised up to 20 members by electing one more member from each category of members of ordinary and associate classes. The elections of the Executive Committee shall be held every two years period in which all the members eligible to vote as per rule, shall vote for both categories of members. However, the Annual General Body shall be called to pass the accounts and carry out business other than elections every year. The date of election and venue of the Annual General Body Meeting shall be decided by the Executive Committee. In case of less nominations are received for the particular class than the required number (ordinary members 8/12/13, Associate members 4/6/7), the nomination received shall be declared elected from that group or class, and the balance shall be elected from the other group or class. (That is: in case of the Ordinary members if only sic/ten/eleven nominations are received the balance of two shall be filled by electing two additional members in the Associate class provided the nominations in the Associate class are received in excess than required; likewise if the nominations of the Associate class fall short of the required nominations, the nominations of ordinary members, if are received in excess, shall fill the places of required numbers of electing such additional members from Ordinary class by declaring such members elected.) or in case the total nominations received fall short of required eighteen/twenty members, but not less than twelve members all the contestant (Nominations received) shall be taken as elected unopposed and the new Executive Committee shall be empowered to co-opt the remaining number of members from any class or group in addition to the co-opted members as per rule number 7 (ii).
  7. (i) Member eligible for election: Out of the strength of 12 0r 18 or 20 members of the Executive Committee 8 or 12 or 13 members from Ordinary class and 4/6/7 from Associate class as mentioned and referred in Rule No.23 as the case may be.
    a) Ordinary Members: Only those as described in Rule No.2(v) (b) who have atlease completed three years of regular membership and have produced atleast a censored feature film in any language or gauge or a media shall be entitled to contest from this group.
    b) The Founder Members: As decided in Rule No.2 whether the members of this category have produced a film or not for the sake of elections shall be taken in this group and shall be declared elected, before the elections, and thus the members to be elected from the group shall be reduced by the number of founder member declared elected.
    c) The Associate Members: Only those Associate member as described in Rule 2© shall be entitled to contest the election, provided they shall completed three years of regular membership and have either recorded atleast two songs of their feature film under production or have done a weeks shooting of their film, or have completed a dubbing version of a film (duly censored) or have completed atleast four episodes of a T.V. Se rial, or have started a Video Film or Tele Film.
    (ii)Co-option: The Executive Committee shall have the right to co-opt any two members and may waive the required qualifications. The committee can co-opt any one distinguished member admitted as patron or chief patron for the term. Such co-opted members shall not be eligible to hold any office and shall enjoy all other rights of an Executive Committee member.
  8. Regional Office: In order to facilitate the work of the Association in such areas, other than Maharashtra, where, the As sociation may have its interest and activity, Regional Office may be set up.
  9. Noticec for A.G.M.
    Elections: The Secretary befor the date of nest Annual General Meeting shall give notice directed to all eligible members calling for nominations of election to the executive committee and will send nomination forms alongwith the notice of the Annual General Meeting. All Nominations on prescribed forms should reach the office of the Assocations on or before the last date fixed for receiveing nominations, whether by post or by hand delivery, and this date should not be latter than 7 clear days of the date of Annual General Meeting fixed to be held. All nominations will be secutitised the next day and the names of the nominee will be declared the next day in case it is not a declared holiday.
  10. Delegating Powers to the Office Bearer:
    THE committee may also at any time and from time to time, by a resolution delegate any of their powers to any of the office bearers including the Secretary, Joint Secretaries and or to the Treasurer of the Association and or acts done in conformity with such delegation shall have the force and effect as if done by the Committee. The committee may also appoint any member, any tribunal to act as an arbitrator judge with or any trade body for settlement of disputes.
  11. Disputes Settlement Committee & its verdict:
    Any disputes between a Member and Member or Members or between Member and Non-Member or Non-Members, when registered shall be first referred by the Secretary to the Sub-Committee knownas Disputes Settlement Committee appointed by the Executive Committee and the said Sub-Committeewill comprise of three to five members. The dispute Settlement Committee will try for mutual conciliation and arrive at mutual settlement, with its utmost efforts to reach an agreement between the parties do not resolve their differences the sub committee shall give its verdict which will be binding on both the parties.
    Title Registration: Members can establish priority by registering the titles which alone will be recog nized by the Association as per usual by laws. Names of titles which have already been registered or resemble similar to those registered may not be registered. Title of the name under which a picture already been made and censored may not be registered for the duration of the period or censor.
    The Association may set up welfare and Charitable Funds as it may think fit with the object of helping its own members, staff and others, who, at any time have rendered valuable services to the cause of the Association and the Industry by way of help, and donation and charity, as the Committee may decide and for that purpose may collect funds by way of voluntary donations, and contributions from its members and the other and or by organizing charitable shows of films and other functions etc. Such funds shall not be used for giving loan or for business, but could be invested in Government Securities, Bonds, Bank Deposit and Association immovable property which could yield proper returns and be easily available for the purpose.
    Western India Film Producers’ Association, shall give away two awards in form of Trophy, Shawl and inform of monetary awards to be decided by the Executive Committee which may not exceed Rs.11000/- (Rupees eleven thousand only). The awards shall be given every year to two members of Film Industry, one from those who are the members of Western India Film Producers’ Association and have served it distinguishly, and other to one, who served the Film Industry as Technicians, Artist and have made a remarkable contribution in any craft or Film Industry on the whole. Such person shall be selected and decided by the Executive Committee of WIFPA or by a panel of judges Nominated by the Executive Committee of WIFPA. The expenses on Trophies, Shawl etc., shall be incurred from the Welfare Funds A/c. of Western India Film Producers’ Association.