About Us

“As we complete our 50 years – The Golden Jubilee Year of WESTERN INDIAN FILM PRODUCERS’ ASSOCIATION, We renew our promises to work for WIFPA members that work for entire entertainment industry. Like we have done-across these decades. Into our, another 50 years. For the WIFPA of tomorrow.

Indian films are being talked about everywhere in the world. During the last decade, the Indian film Industry has shown an exponent of growth in terms of revenue. Today it has better access to foreign markets. It is interesting to note that the Indian Film Industry grows on its own and the government acts only as a facilitator and catalyst for growth. This aspect, coupled with the resilience of the Indian film Industry, has helped the sector to tide over the difficulties during this recession period. India produces largest number of films in the world where WIFPA members’ contributions is sixty percent in film-producing sector. This is a tremendous success of WIFPA.

Our young WIFPA-members’ should have more exposure to the
international film festivals such as the Cannes & Toronto, more exposure to International Film Markets too; such as ACE Fair (Korea), 
World Content Market (Prague), American Film Market (Los Angeles) 
and Mipcom (France).

Entertainment is undoubtedly the aim of the film where we can not forget the character of a film therefore we, as a responsible citizen of India, have duty to our society and have to make pictures which can be rich and healthy in entertainment to create trends for the coming generation of film makers. WIFPA and its many members, few of them are like Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Sunil Darshan, N. Chandra, Navneet Adhikari, Arun Nalwade, Pakhi Hegade, Y. P. Singh (Ex–ACP Mumbai) are fulfilling dreams of WIFPA by making good and meaningful films. This is the reason WIFPA has attained more than 10000 producer-members as on today and it is a great achievement FOR US.

To conclude, my heartfelt homage to the Founders and Pioneers of this August Body, humble tributes to the Father of Indian cinema, Dadasaab Phalke, the Father of Indian Talkie, Khan Bahadur Ardeshire Irani and to many other great personalities of the Indian Film Industry.

I salute to all my past Presidents and offer my deepest gratitude towards my colleagues, members and all Indian Film-Makers who have maintained the spirit of – “Show must go on !”

With kindest regards to the entire EC members of CHAMPP, FMC, IMPPA, GUILD, AMPTPPA, CINTA, FFI, FICCI, Cine TV Artistes’ Association and FWICE. ”


Wifpa’s Constitution

The Constitution is the highest Law containing the AIMS and OBJECTS for which WIFPA works.
The Constitution which was originally prepared and signed by its 15 Founder Members on 2nd day of March 1960 and
was registered under the provision of Acts as below:

  • 1. Bombay Non.Trading Corporation Act 1959 (Act No.xxvi of 1959)
  • 2. The Societies Act of XXI of 1960
  • 3. The Public trust Act of BOM.XXIX of 1950

The printed book of Constitution with Memorandum & Articles of Association is available in WIFPA`s
Regd. office at Richa Building, Plot No.b-29, New Link Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai-400 053, Tel. No:
26732960/26731253 Fax No: 66776788 E-mail: wifpa_2006@yahoo.co.in
The Extract of some points from the cinstitution Book are highlighted as below for instant references:

The Memorandum of Association

2. THE Registered Office of the Society shall be situated in Bombay. The territories to which the objects of the Society extend are the whole of India (Burma,
Ceylon, Indonesia, Nepal and Bhutan).
3. THE objects for which the Society is registered are:
A)To promote, help, encourage and develop the history and culture of the country through the medium of the films and cinematography.
B)To instruct proper and disburse useful knowledge through the filmic medium.
D) To organize film territories and other ancillary centres for the collection and shifting of useful knowledge good for Entertainment Industry.
G) Promotion, Exhibition of Film Production Sector: To generally do all acts and things of all kinds whereby, the art and industry of film production and for its wider promotion and exploitation and to do the following acts and things.
(ii)Welfare Activities To look after the welfare of all such person/persons, or class or classes of persons.
(iii)Information to Film Sectors in India& Abroad.
(ix) Formation of Rules & Regulations.
(x) Dispute Settlement.
(xi) To Impart Knowledge through Publication & organize Award, Prizes etc.
(xiv)To establish and maintain Film Laboratories, technical staff etc.
H) (v) To protect interest/Rights/privileges of Members through legal advise or otherwise.
(vi) To take measures in censoring the Films in India.

4 (G/H) To make presentations to Governments.
(I)To Affiliate with other allied bodies.
(J)purchase hire or aquire any movable / immovable Properties.

(L)To Register Banners, Titles, Stories etc.
(M)To arbitrate for breaches of Rules by Members.
A) To organize Seminars, Conferences, Film Festivals, Film Marketing, Awards etc.
C) To setup Welfare and other public institutions.