The 39th Annual General Body Meeting & Election

“The 39th Annual General Body Meeting & Election of Western India Film Producers’ Association was held on 30th July 2016 at Mahatma Gandhi Hall Bandra (W), Mumbai. Approx. 300 Members attended the AGM. The following members were elected to the Executive Committee of WIFPA for the Term  2016-2019


Aar Mittal (Rajesh Mittal), Chandni Gupta, Dharmindra Mehra, Dinesh Ashiwal, Javed Rehman Khan, Mahavir Jain,  N. L Peswani, Prabhat Pandey, Ravindra Arora, Ravi Sinha, Sangram Shirke, Subhash Duragkar, Anjana Ramesh, Anuradha Mehta, Chandra Prakash Verma, Dilip Dalvi, Dineshwar Sinha & Manohar Thakur


Further to this the newly elected E.C. met on 1st August 2016 at WIFPA Board Room to elect the office bearers which are as mentioned below :-


Shri.Sangram Shirke-  President

Shri.Mahavir Jain- Sr. Vice President

Smt. Anjana Sharma- Vice President

Shri. Prabhat Pandey- Hon. Gen. Secretary

Shri.Ravindra Arora- Hon. Treasurer

Shri. Subhash Duragkar- Hon. Jt. Secretary

Shri Dilip Dalvi- Hon. Jt. Secretary

Shri. Ravi Sinha- Hon. Jt. Treasurer”